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Mini Excavator



2018 Storike Stio Mini Excavator

The Storike Stio has become a highly respected model in the sub 1 tonne mini excavator range.  The latest model has a new upgraded superior diesel engine made by Changchai, one of China's leading diesel engine manufacturer's.

The size of this machine can be loaded and transported by most utes and light duty trailers.  It is suitable machine for landscaping contractors and home owners that require a reliable and cost effective machine to carry out endless amounts of work.

Package Inclusions

  • Mini Excavator 900kg
  • Auger Drive Unit with 200mm Auger
  • 200, 350 and 500 Digging Buckets
  • 1 x Ripper
  • 1 x Rake
  • 1 x Log Grab


  • High performance diesel Changchai motor
  • Piped for hydraulic auger drive and hammer
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Cost effective operation and maintenance
  • 900mm wide track
  • Free buckets - 200, 350 and 500
  • Batter bucket
  • Auger drive with 200mm auger - Rigger, Log Grab and Rake


Model:  Storike Stio
Operating Weight:  880kgDigging Bucket Capacity:  0.025cbm/100kg
Bucket Width:  200, 350 and 500
Engine:  Changchai Diesel
Rated Power:  8.6kw
Displacement:  0.499L
Bore Stroke:  70 x 55
Main Pump:  KDK
Displacement:  0.211L
Swing Motor:  SJ-Tech (MP-1-160)
Travelling Motor:  Kersen 310
Travel Speed:  1.5km/h

Overall Dimensions:  2770(L) x 900(W) x 1490(H)
Wheelbase:  900mm
Total Length of Track:  960mm
Platform Ground Clearance:  376mm
Platform Back Turning Radius:  664mm
Chassis Width:  896mm
Track Width:  180mm
Chassis Ground Clearance:  132mm
Track Height:  320mm

Operating Range
Max Digging Depth:  1650mm
Max Vertical Digging Depth:  1376mm
Max Digging Height:  2365mm
Max Dumping Height:  1655mm
Max Digging Radius on Ground:  2560mm
Min Rotation Radius:  1200mm
Max Upgrade Height of Bulldozer Blade:  165mm
Max Digging Depth of Bulldozer Blade:  170mm